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The Lab is a 10-week nutrition and training regimen designed specifically for you by professional natural bodybuilder Sean Young.  The program includes Impakt Lab custom gear, completely customized programming, weekly checkins and monitoring and adjustments along the way.   Whether you are new to training or you're a seasoned pro - our approach will drive results for you.


1.  It starts with an Online Nutrition and Training Analysis

You'll start by completing an online profile and an assessment of your nutritional and training goals.  We will work closely with you to understand your likes and dislikes, your diet and training history, and the resources you have at your disposal - e.g. weights, gym membership, etc.  Also, you'll start with tape measurements and "before" photos to document your progress. 

2.  Next, your Nutrition and Training Plan will be developed and delivered.

From your profile and assessment - Sean will design your plan from the ground up. Then, each week - we ask that you provide an update including documentation of meals, training and pictures.  We will make adjustments to your plan weekly based on the progress you are making. 

3.  Watch as your body and mind are transformed. 

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