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Nick Papania

DFAC Pro Card winner; amateur heavyweight and overall champion

Jeremy Schira; NPF pro card winner; amateur middleweight and overall champion
Brittnay Meenach; NGA Bikini pro card winner; amateur overall champion

Jim Flanigan; INBF masters champion

Justin Aichele; NPF Classic Physique pro card winner; amateur NPF physique champion
Jaimie Hill; WNBF Pro Bodybuilding Masters pro card winner; Amateur overall masters champion and middleweight champion

Mike Caruso; amateur open & masters bodybuilding

Kristin Hobbie; NPC Mrs Cincinnati Overall Figure Champion

Cam Lakatos; INBF Heavyweight champion
Danny Kaiser; WNBF Pro competitor; WNBF Pro card winner; WNBF amateur middleweight and overall champion
Stan Thomakos; Amateur masters champion in multiple federations
Brent Nichols; INBF masters bodybuilding

Billy Fullen; NPC bodybuilding, classic physique and mens physique competitor

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