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Great question - and we're glad you asked. 


At the Impakt Lab, we believe that the decisions you make today can Impakt the rest of your life.  

The Impakt Lab is an accelerator.  Get PERSONALIZED nutrition and training plans created specifically for you by natural professional bodybuilder Sean Young.

The Impakt Lab is here to help everyone - from someone who has never lifted weights or followed a diet to the bodybuilder getting ready for a show.  


Personal Training

If you are in the Cincinnati market and would like even more in-person guidance - you can easily add training sessions with Sean at Gymbo's Personal Training and Fitness centers.   Whether you're a novice in the gym, a competitive bodybuilder, or an injured athlete. 


For the competitor, one on one posing advice for male and female competitors.  Available for web based posing or face to face at Gymbos personal training and fitness centers.

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