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Creatine Select

Creatine Select

$40.00 Regular Price
$28.95Sale Price
What: CREATINE SELECT is a scientifically advanced formulation combining the most studied, bioavailable and proven form of creatine in the world reinforced by β-alanine, electrolyte-bound phosphates and cinnamon bark extract. 

Each ingredient in new CREATINE SELECT has been tested and reviewed for purity and carefully balanced for maximum pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic impact. Finally, Beverly's R&D scientists left no stone unturned in making CREATINE SELECT the very best tasting formula of its kind!

Who: CREATINE SELECT is intended for use by men and women who work out with weights (resistance exercise) in an effort improve their physique; or who wishes to improve their performance in any other kind of high-intensity exercise such as mixed martial arts, sprinting, interval training, etc.

Why: Creatine Select will allow you to train harder with greater intensity and recover faster using the most studied, bioavailable (near 100%) and proven form of creatine in the world bolstered by β-alanine, electrolyte-bound phosphates and cinnamon bark extract..
  • Details

    New CREATINE SELECT contains ingredients that published scientific studies suggest may safely promote (where ↑ = "increase" and ↓ = "decrease"):
    ↑ plasma creatine (>15-fold)
    ↑ muscle creatine and phosphocreatine (up to 40%)
    ↑ muscle carnosine (up to 40%)
    ↑ plasma and erythrocyte phosphate
    ↑ mitochondrial function
    ↑ ATP resynthesis
    ↑ delay of muscle failure
    ↓ sensations of fatigue
    ↑ muscle force
    ↑ muscle shortening velocity
    ↑ muscle mean and peak power
    ↑ anaerobic work capacity (up to 3x more than with creatine alone)
    ↑ total lifting volume (>25%)
    ↑ lifting repetitions (>20%)
    ↑ lean body mass (1-2 lb)
    ↑ muscle cross-sectional area (size) (within 6 days)
    ↓ fat mass (body fat) (within 6 days)
    ↑ maximal oxygen uptake
    ↑ muscle cell hydration
    ↑ insulin sensitivity (immediate effects)
    ↑ glucose disposal
    ↑ blood glucose control
    ↑ antioxidant protection
    ↑ cognitive function
    ↑ positive mood (anti-depressive action)
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